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What is Tourbook?

Tourbook is a showcasing platform for everyone who works with live performance: promoters, performers, venues and networks.

Tourbook helps performers in dance, theatre, music, comedy and more connect with promoters and venues. It is the place to showcase your work, discover new acts, find venues and audiences you never knew existed and make new connections in places near and far.

Who is Tourbook for?

Tourbook brings together a community of all those working in the performing arts to put great shows on stages everywhere - from temporary stages in community venues to main houses.

The platform is built for promoters, performers, programmers, venue managers, agents and industry networks and does not distinguish between unpaid or paid roles, temporary or permanent venues. The only criteria for being part of the community is that you contribute to making professional live performances happen.

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Explore available shows with powerful filters for artform and genre, size, pricing, availability and many more.

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Search for suitable venues by location, capacity, price, facilities and a range of other filters. Find exactly what meets your requirements.

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Get to know a show - the content, the performers, the technical and hosting requirements, reviews and media.

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Access detailed technical information about shows and performance spaces, including photos, plans and tech rider files.

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Gather your lists of Tourbook Pages together - shortlists, favourites - whatever you like! Keep them private, share them with your colleagues or publish them to the whole community.

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Pencil dates to your diary, confirm when ready and publish to share with other users.

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Contact venues, promoters, performers or networks directly from their profile pages. Make connections and start negotiating that next deal.

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Share your experience of hosting or seeing shows, performing at venues or working with promoters with others in the performing arts community.