Unbroken & Shelagh McKay Jones


Unbroken are a new duo formed in 2022 by Shelagh McKay Jones with DeeDee Calmayer and supported with rehearsal space funding by The Touring Network.


About the Show

Live music is an experience best shared with friends and loved ones. We’d love to share our music with you.

We are Unbroken, a Scottish duo playing both original material and our own interpretations of 60s and 70s classics by the artists that influenced us.

Unbroken are a coming together of singer/songwriter Shelagh McKay Jones and electric guitar player DeeDee Calmayer.

Shelagh’s original songs, with her trademark gorgeous melodies and lyrics about life, the universe and everything, are decorated by DeeDee’s melodic, sometimes rock’n’roll, guitar playing, and sung beautifully by Shelagh.

Why not join us in a celebration of music and of the songs we love. We hope you will love the ... Read More

Folk, Rock, Pop, Music, Singer-Songwriter

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