Tourbook Release 3.0 - Key Questions

Tourbook 3.0 Release

  • What features have changed in the new release?

    You can see a release note for Tourbook 3.0 with details of features added, amended or depreciated here .

  • Has anything changed to my existing Tour listing?

    No, whilst this release has been designed to bring improvements to the setup, appearance and filtering of Tours, there should be no change to your existing data. 

    If something doesn’t look right please submit a support ticket.

  • Has anything changed to my existing Page?

    Your Page content is unchanged, but this update is introducing new Page categories - and some Pages have been automatically recategorised to the section where they best fit. 

    If something doesn't look right please submit a support ticket to request a category change.

  • Can I change or improve the images on my Page?

    Yes! Pages now support a large cover image (letterbox) and a small profile image (square) for a logo or similar. Click on each image location to update your images and make your Pages stand out.

  • Where do I find Diary dates?

    As part of this release, Diary is being re-focused around tour availability. This means that the Diary feature has been depreciated for programmers and venues.

    For Artists or Producers managing a Tour, the amended Diary management feature will be available very soon. 

    Any Diary dates already added to existing Tours will be accessible once this is released.

    Thank you for your patience whilst we complete this feature. If you need a copy of your existing Diary data before this feature is released, please submit a support ticket.

  • I can’t find a Page I think I already created?

    During the update, a very small number of existing Pages were flagged for manual recategorisation and have been temporarily unpublished pending a check with the relevant Page owner. 

    Our support team will be following up individually with any Page owners affected to help ensure you have the most useful Page setup for your content.

  • I’ve seen something on a Page that doesn’t look correct.

    To help keep Tourbook up to date for everyone, if you see something that doesn’t look right (and you don’t know anyone connected with the Page) you can flag the Page for review. 

    Use the ‘Report an Issue’ menu by clicking on the three dots next to the Save and Share buttons.

  • Is there a charge for using Tourbook?

    No. Tourbook has not charged for individual accounts since October 2020.

    To help cover the costs of running and improving the platform some additional features may be chargeable in future - but we are committed to keeping core features of Tourbook free to use.