The Witches Sabbath, John Tantalon & Joss Cameron

Tales From The Witches Sabbath

'Tales From The Witches Sabbath' aims to highlight the persecution of women in Scotland's frightening Witch Trials from the 16th-18th Century. Joss Cameron, a singer in collaboration with author John Tantalon intertwines stories and songs.

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About the Show

Imagine, if you will, Scotland, in 1589, a land in the grip of turmoil, political divide, and reformation.

A climate of superstition and accusation would manifest across the landscape, the discovery of Witches.

Join traditional Scottish singer, Joss Cameron, storyteller John Tantalon and musician Amy Dudley, interweaving ancient stories and songs, discussing true stories from the Witch-hunts, who the Witch prickers were, and the ultimate ending for many innocent people, telling true stories highlighting the persecution of innocent people, and a Q&A at the end of the performance, inviting the audience share their stories also.

Folk, Music, Traditional, Spoken Word, Storytelling, Scots

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