Curious Seed

And The Birds Did Sing

This is about living but it began with a evocative solo show which explores the interplay between dance, music and stories.


About the Show

This is about living but it began with a death.

This is about existing and not existing, and a child’s heart-bursting belief that there is something in between. 

This is about love. 

A woman remembers a girl who knew a woman who listened to the birds.  Inspired by the depth of feeling in one tiny moment of knowing that the world would never be the same again, this evocative solo work, a collaboration between choreographer Christine Devaney, musician Luke Sutherland and artist Yvonne Buskie, explores the interplay between music, dance and the origins of stories.   

“a moving offering of a life marked by love and loss”  – The Scotsman, ★★★★

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Contemporary, International, Young People, Family, New Writing

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