Stafford Collett Productions


Comedy thriller: a middle-aged love story with added gangsters and shot through with cracking 80s music.


About the Show

Fresh from a successful run on the Edinburgh Fringe, Gold! is a sharp new comedy with loads of cracking 80s music. Featuring Kate Stafford and Nicholas Collett as Julie and Dave, a middle-aged couple who find themselves in a very sticky situation. For four decades they have been hiding a secret behind their comfortable suburban lifestyle: a huge stash of gold bars, originating in an infamous heist.

Now their daughter wants an expensive instagram-worthy wedding, the gangsters who stole the gold have decided to come looking for it, and Dave and Julie are thrown into an impossible situation. How are they going to get rid of the gold and pay for their daughter’s wedding without being caught?

Gold! particularly resonates with ... Read More

New Writing, Theatre, Comedy

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