Myshkin’s Ruby Warblers

Ruby Warblers

Ruby Warblers is a magnetic duo bringing Myshkin's Jazz-Folk songs to life, featuring Jenny Q on cello. 'One of the best songwriters around, and sings like a dream' (FRoots UK) 'Darkly joyous, endlessly restless, spellbinding' (Sing Out US)


About the Show

Myshkin started touring the UK in the 1990s from her then home base of New Orleans, focusing on rural touring, village halls small clubs and folk festivals, and always finding a warm welcome. In 2022 she was granted a global talent visa to live and work in the UK and settled her family in the Highlands, grateful and ready to start touring again in earnest post-covid. The magnetic, spellbinding duo features Myshkin on guitars and vocals, and Jenny Q on cello and harmony vocals. The Ruby Warblers gracefully ride a slippery line between Jazz, Folk, and Indie post-rock. Energetic, spooky, poetic and necessary stories, told with wit and mastery.

Folk, Music, Jazz, World, Singer-Songwriter, Contemporary, Poetry, International

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