Shona Cowie and Neil Sutcliffe

With the Devil's Assistance

Maggie Osbourne, a seventeenth-century legend of Ayr toun, a successful business woman, was in league with the Devil himself. Through a historical and magical lens, we examine the demise of Scotland's highstreets today.

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About the Show

Short Blurb:

Maggie Osborne made a deal with the devil to bring prosperity to Ayr high street, and built a business in just one night with Auld Horny himself. The deal was a cracker and the town boomed, so the people burnt Maggie alive. The deal broke and whilst I’m not saying any of this is true… just look at the state of Scotland’s high streets now. Call a town meeting!

More detail:

There is a legend from my hometown, Ayr, that a 17th century witch built a house on the high street in just one night with the Devil’s assistance. Today, a quarter of the shops on Ayr high street are empty – the town holds one of the highest shop vacancy rates in Britain. The plot that the witch was said to have built on h ... Read More

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