The Willow Trio

The Swan of Salen

The Swan of Salen is a multimedia folk ballet created by The Willow Trio and Ballet Folk. The Swan of Salen is a multimedia adaptation of the heartbreaking tragedy of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake and the parallel Gaelic legend, Eala Shàilein.


About the Show

The Swan of Salen is a 45 minute multimedia adaptation of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake ballet, created by The Willow Trio in collaboration with Ballet Folk, Olive and Thistle and Mary Ann Kennedy. Set to the Gaelic folk tale, the performance features a unique blend of Tchaikovsky’s iconic music and traditional melodies played live on three clàrsachs alongside a brand-new choreography by Deborah Norris of Ballet Folk projected behind the musicians.

The Swan of Salen came together due to a shared passion for bringing classical art forms to rural and disadvantaged communities, those that would not always have access to ballet and live music, as well as placing Gaelic culture on an equal platform. By fusing the classical versi ... Read More

Music, Traditional, Ballet, Gaelic

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