Lubna Kerr


A new comedy play about the impact of colonization. Does being a second generation Pakistani, that has been brought up in Scotland, lead to a crisis in Identity ? The play describes the impact discrimination can have on the mind and body.

TheatreComedySpoken Word
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About the Show

Why is it called colonization when a white country that does the invading and terrorism when its not!

A comedy show that explores the history of colonization of the Europeans (we may no longer be in Europe but that doesn’t stop me from talking about them) and the impact that had on the people who were invited to come and live in Britain before Suella Braverman got into power.

A satirical comedy show that also talks about bowel cancer, how laughter is the best medicine and how having people mixing together from the 4 corners of the world has led to new traditions, food and language being introduced into the British culture.


Hence a show called Colon-ization.

Spoken Word, New Writing, Storytelling, Family, Theatre

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