Seamas Carey

Help! I Think I'm A Nationalist UK Tour

The controversial, sell out comedy show on identity, second homes, xenophobia and bagpipes.

"The comic causing uproar in Cornwall" - The Guardian

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About the Show


From Seamas Carey (creator of The Reason Why podcast), comes the controversial sell-out comedy show on identity, second homes, xenophobia and bagpipes.

Who am I? Where do I belong? Is it OK to be a nationalist?

Cornwall is at a tipping point. House prices soar, the population shifts, tensions rise. Some people see it as a separate nation, whilst others see it as a prime holiday destination and playground for the rich.

Seamas Carey is confused. He is desperately trying to understand.

He’s watched a wave of gentrification sweep through his rural hometown. There’s nowhere to live, yet second homes stand empty. He wishes Cornwall was more welcoming and inclusive, but wat ... Read More

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