Sharon Took-Zozaya

Finding Petunia LittleTree

A humorous, yet bittersweet physical theatre & dance solo exploring emotional responses to climate change through a compassionate lens.

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About the Show

Who is Petunia LittleTree? And what about her relationship with baby tree, Sally Semper Sprout, is so unnerving? Finding Petunia LittleTree, by Sharon Took-Zozaya, is an engaging, humorous, yet bittersweet, physical theatre and dance solo suitable for audience members aged 9 to 90. Her original script and video combine with Quee MacArthur’s evocative sound score to reveal Petunia’s quirky, inconsistent emotional responses to the climate emergency through a compassionate lens. It tells part of our collective story, asking “How can we live with what we know, with humour, dark undertones and all?”

Like all humans, Petunia is a flawed character. She jumps between moods, styles and rhythms as shown by dynamic ch ... Read More

Physical Theatre, Contemporary, Young People, Theatre, Dance, Spoken Word

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