Sam Freeman

Every Time I Close My Eyes, All I See Is You

A storytelling show telling three interconnected stories about love, friendship and not accepting your fate.

Spoken Word

About the Show

This is a story about falling in love, friendship and not accepting your fate – there are three stories that combine to tell the broader story of an old man sat in a care home window, and the man who waves at him from the street.

The first story is about a year in the life of a man living through the pandemic – it’s about life changing and suddenly noticing the things around him, literally on the streets where he is now allowed to walk (as government mandated), that before he would never have noticed. It’s about making a new friendship with an elderly man through the first floor window of a care home.

The second story is set in the 1950s. It’s about a single evening where a man and woman fall i ... Read More


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