Isobel and Anna Hughes

A Place To Fall To Pieces

A musical quest for the meaning of Home, A Place To Fall To Pieces is an adventure in spoken word with a live original score and songs.

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About the Show

You are on an island. And it is sinking. It is not a metaphor, nor is it a dream. It is the end. But how can you drown, when you haven’t a place to lay your bones? And when you don’t know where it is, how can anyone bring you home?

Created and performed by folk/spoken word duo Isobel and Anna Hughes, A Place To Fall To Pieces is a search for roots, a love letter to the places we have been but never been from. With original composition, spoken word, storytelling and song, Anna and Isobel take you on a lyrical journey, through memory and magic and earth, to seek the indelible mark our country leaves on us and where the permanence of Home truly lies.

‘Your face is like a map. I can see all of the wheres you h ... Read More

Storytelling, Literature, Folk, Country, Traditional, Singer-Songwriter, New Writing, Poetry

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