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World Premiere!ICE AGE is an international collaborated and disabled led dance by Chung An CHANG(Taiwan) and Maylis Arrabit(French).


About the Show

ICE AGE world premiere : 5-21 Aug. /16:15-17:05 /Dance Base /studio 1

Ice Age is a new international inclusive choreographic collaboration between visually impaired choreographer CHANG Chung-an and disabled choreographer Maylis ARRABIT. The piece explores the different ways that people support each other, each in their own cultural environments. Covid-19 has brought the world to a standstill, and has impacted every country differently. It is a question of evoking the coexistence between two parallel realities, separated by “space-time” and at the same time, united by it. Then, an action, a gesture a ... Read More

World, New Writing, Contemporary, International, Accessible

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