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The Unseen Boy

A heartfelt lyric play about finding your place in this world.


About the Show

The Unseen Boy is a lightweight touring lyric play for young audiences ages 7 to 12, written by award winning poet, playwright and Edinburgh Makar, Hannah Lavery. The Unseen Boy explores the challenges of this uncertain world for young people; their rights, struggles and hopes for the future. Full of the most sumptuous poetry by one of Scotland’s leading writers it extends a hand of friendship to anyone who has ever felt out of place in this world. 

Joe is a clever young boy, who has a lot in life but feels lonely in a world of his own imagination. Until one day he meets another boy living displaced in a tent in the woods. Who is this mysterious boy? Why is he so familiar? And why can’t anyone else see of hear him ... Read More

New Writing, Young People

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