Tragic Carpet

The Seven Ravens

The Seven Ravens is the story of Ada, a young girl who meets a Raven and discovers an extraordinary truth about her past

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About the Show

Told through a unique combination of puppetry, projection, needle felting, and specially composed music and song, our story is inspired by the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, and tells the story of Ada, a young girl who finds herself visited by a Raven and thereby thrust into a dream world of quests, feathers and a Glass Mountain.

The audience is taken on a tiny world adventure over an extraordinary, felted landscape as Ada tries to work out what the Raven is trying to tell her.

Why this story? We like it because it presents us with a strong female protagonist who goes on a quest and rescues her seven brothers. This turns the usual fairy tale fodder of ‘damsel in distress’ on its head. We have also created a character – ... Read More

Puppetry, Poetry, Storytelling, Family, Physical Theatre, New Writing

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