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The Buccaneers

An epic fast paced drama of self-discovery and an action-packed spectacle with music aimed at general audiences. 

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About the Show

When the lights go down a ghostly pirate shipappears out of the gloom. On board are theremains of four long dead pirates. Somethingstrange is about to happen! With the hauntingmelody of a long-forgotten sea shanty, theghouls crack and split apart and the pirates arereborn – ready to live again.But why have they been reborn? What is theirpurpose? These are the questions they mustanswer and to discover for themselves. Theyrelive their past lives, as well as embarking onnew adventures of discovery, all in a quest tofind the truth.With rousing, thigh slapping songs, sword fights and plenty of rum this is a truly magnificentadventure that will capture your imagination as you witness the change from murderouscutthroats’ pirates to ... Read More

New Writing, Accessible, Puppetry, Young People, Classics, Family, Repertory, Storytelling, Talk, Folk, Magic, Traditional, International

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