Magic Gareth

The BIG Birthday Magic Show

Magic Gareth is here to celebrate your BIG DAY with this family Magic Show full of tricks, games, balloons and nonsense!

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About the Show

Did You have a birthday in the last year that was spoilt by COVID?Then this fun colourful interactive magic show is for you! Magic Gareth is here to celebrate your ‘big days’ with this family magic show full of tricks, balloons, games and nonsense!


1 member – Gareth White – Single night runs but can expand if sales allow

Cost: £250 or venue split

Show running time: 40 minutes – 1 hour

Workshop Potential: ‘balloon workshop experience’

Suitable Venues: Arts Centres up to large theatre space

Lighting: general wash

Sound: can be self sufficient and controlled via on-stage remote control

Family, Magic

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