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Accessible pricing for everyone.

Tourbook Free
For those just starting out or working at a smaller scale.
  • 1 User
  • 1 Page
  • 1 Tour
  • 1 Collection
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Tourbook Plus
For established performers, promoters or venues
£ 15 150 / month / year
plus VAT
  • 3 Users
  • 3 Pages
  • 3 Tours
  • Unlimited Collections
  • Add more for as little as £3.50/month.
  • Add more for as little as £35/year.
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For those spinning lots of plates
Bulk discounts are available for accounts that work with or represent a larger number of performers, promoters or venues.
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Pricing FAQ

What if I need additional Pages, Tours or Users?
If you have upgraded your subscription to Tourbook Plus and need more Pages, Tours or Users, you can purchase these individually as Add-ons. Add-ons will align to your current subscription plan and billing cycle (either monthly or annually)
What plans are available for agents or producers?

If you work with a large number of performers you can currently use Tourbook in two ways:

If you have primary representation for tour booking for your artists, create an account for your agency or production company and add Pages and Tours for all the performers you represent. Get in touch for a quote via

If you work as a producer with performers in different ways for different productions, we recommend the Tourbook account is set up by the performer / producing company, and, once upgraded to Tourbook Plus, you are invited in as an additional user. You can be added to multiple accounts as an additional user, and quickly access your different artists via the Account Switcher.

Tourbook will be adding additional dedicated features for agents and producers in future, to allow you to work more closely with your performers on Tourbook and to more clearly define different roles and responsibilities.

If you need advice on which approach to take, please contact support.

How does pricing for Networks work?
Tourbook offers a range of plans and pricing for network organisations, starting from a Network Free plan. For an overview of how networks can use Tourbook see ... For further information or to arrange a demo of how Tourbook can help your network contact
How do I upgrade my account?
Go to the Account page in your Dashboard (accessed from the top right drop down menu) and select the 'Billing & Subscriptions'. This shows your current plan and current usage. Select 'Upgrade Subscription' to access the plans. Choose your billing period - monthly or annual and then complete the checkout process.
How do I pay?
You can subscribe with a valid credit or debit card. If you need to arrange an alternate payment method please contact There may be an additional charge for this service.
How often will I be charged?
You can select from monthly or annual billing. Annual billing benefits from a reduced rate equivalent to 2 months free.
Will the subscription auto renew?
Yes. Your plan will renew on the cycle of either monthly or annual depending on how you have set it up.
How do I receive an invoice?
The Account Administrator will receive a copy of the payment receipt each time your account is charged. You can access your billing history and download previous invoices from your Account / Billing & Subscriptions page.
How do I downgrade my subscription to Tourbook Free?
Please contact to downgrade your account and cancel your payment plan.
Do I have to pay VAT?
Tourbook is headquartered in Scotland. If you are a business based in the UK you will need to pay VAT on your subscription. If you are based elsewhere in the European Union you can opt to be billed without added VAT via the Reverse Charge Mechanism. To select this option your billing address must be based in another EU country and you must provide a valid VAT number during the checkout process.
Why is there a charge for access to Tourbook?

The vision of Tourbook is to help strengthen and diversify touring opportunities for live performing arts. We believe that the most effective way to build a sustainable company is for the product itself to be a source of income.

Tourbook is committed to there being no barriers to entry for those who are operating at a smaller scale or just starting out - and the provision of a free plan is important.

For everyone else we have designed a simple pricing structure that aims to be fair and transparent - and affordable for all those that need to pay.

In the two years of development prior to launch, this pricing approach has been consulted on extensively with those working in many different rolls across the performing arts. The conclusion of this process was that a pricing system based on size, rather than role (ie charging venues but not performers) and applied consistently to all accounts was the fairest approach).

Are there any other ways to access the benefits of Tourbook Plus?
If you are a member of a network organisation - such as a touring scheme or artform representative body, then your network may have a Tourbook Network account which provides access to Tourbook Plus for a reduced cost or for free as a benefit of membership. Contact your network for more information.
What is the Tourbook Business Model?

Tourbook is a Community Interest Company operating to a social enterprise business model.

The company exists to resource the Tourbook platform. All income received form the platform will allow Tourbook to continue to be maintained, developed and enhanced, for the benefit of all users.

In addition, Tourbook may access other sources of funding to help grow the business and the product in line with its objectives.

Whilst the company can make a profit, our constitution determines what we can do with those profits, with the majority to be reinvested in developing our product or used in other ways for the performing arts.

How has the development Tourbook funded?
Find out more about the history of the Tourbook project and company see our About page.
Who owns Tourbook?
For more information about Tourbook CIC see our About page.