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Tourbook Reboot Plan now available free
- to help get touring back on the road in 2021.

Tourbook Free
For those just starting out or working at a smaller scale.
  • 1 User
  • 1 Page
  • 1 Tour
  • 1 Collection
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Tourbook Plus Reboot
For established performers, promoters or venues
£ 15 150 / month / year
Now free until Dec 2021
  • 3 Users
  • 3 Pages
  • 3 Tours
  • Unlimited Collections
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For those spinning lots of plates
Bulk discounts are available for accounts that work with or represent a larger number of performers, promoters or venues.
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Pricing FAQ

What is included in Tourbook Free?
A Tourbook Free plan provides 1 Page (to showcase a Performer, a Promoter or a Venue), 1 Tour (for a Performer) and 1 User. The Free plan also provides access to 1 Tourbook Collection.
What is included inĀ  the Tourbook Reboot Plan?

Tourbook Reboot provides all the same features thatĀ  were previously included in the paid Tourbook Plus plan: up to 3 Pages (to showcase a total of up to 3 Performers, Programmers or Venues), up to 3 Tours (for Performers) and up to 3 Users. The Reboot plan also provides unlimited Tourbook Collections.

How do I get the benefits of the Tourbook Reboot Plan?
Just sign up for a Free Tourbook account. Your account will then be upgraded to Reboot.
Do I need to provide payment details to access Tourbook Reboot?
No. Tourbook is currently provided free of charge. No payment details are needed to access it.
How long will Tourbook Reboot be available for?
The offer is currently available until 31 December 2021. This date may be extended should the resumption of touring live performance not return in 2021.
What happens at the end of the Reboot Plan period?
We will announce updated details of plans and pricing prior to the end of the Reboot period and provide options for everyone on how to continue to use Tourbook.
What if I need additional Pages, Tours or Users?
If you need more of anything please contact us at to discuss your requirements.
I have previously had access to the benefits of Tourbook Plus via a Network Subscription. How does Reboot affect me?
There is no change to the service you receive. Your Plus account has been converted to a Reboot account and you will continue to receive the same benefits.
How is Tourbook funded?
Find out more about Tourbook and our Partners.
I have a query that isn't answered here.
Visit our Help Desk or contact Support