Partners & Funders


Tourbook was originally conceived for Promoters Arts Network, subsequently The Touring Network (Highlands & Islands)

The development of the idea would not have been possible without the commitment and support of the board and staff of PAN / The Touring Network:

PAN/TTN Board Chairs since 2008: Jennie Macfie, Adrian Lear, Melanie Baines and Christine Hamilton.

PAN/TTN Staff: Sam Eccles, Development Director (2011-2015), Jo McLean, CEO (2015-)

TTN Services Manager: Rhiannon McIntyre

The original conception, advocacy, fundraising, brief development, procurement was undertaken by Adrian Lear.


Tourbook CIC gratefully acknowledges support for the development of the Tourbook platform and company from the following:

  • The original PAN Platform, which became Tourbook was funded by AmbITion Scotland in 2010, with funds from SAC/Creative Scotland.
  • The prototyping of how Tourbook could be used for environmental impact reporting in 2015 was funded by Sustainable AmbITion, with funds from Creative Scotland.
  • The work of The Touring Network Innovation Lab in 2015-16 was funded by Foundation Scotland (Enterprise Ready Fund) and Creative Scotland.
  • Additional support in 2016-17 for the establishment of the new Tourbook CIC company was provided by Creative Scotland.
  • In 2017, the internationalisation of the platform has been made possible by Theatre Forum (Ireland) and Theatre NI (Northern Ireland), funded by the Arts Council/AnChomhaírle Ealaíon.
  • From 2016, all additional operations, design and development costs for Tourbook CIC have been underwritten by