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company gavin robertson

Edinburgh, South East England

Produces original Physical Theatre for UK & international tours. Currently: BOND!; Done To Death, By Jove!; The Ghost of A Smile

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Company Gavin Robertson’ (CoGR) was founded in April 1997. Work has previously been funded by Arts Council England, and with co-producing venue partners.
To date it has produced FANTASTICAL VOYAGE (1997 – 2000 by GR and Andy Taylor), SPITTOON (2000 -2003 by GR and Wayne Forester), THE SIX-SIDED MAN (2001 by GR with Andrew Dawson, with subsequent international tours in 2010/2011 and ongoing performances) I AM WHO AM I (2003), and from New Zealand, BLOWING IT (2003/04 by Stephen Sinclair and Stephen Papps).THE DAY ... Read More

International, Family, Physical Theatre, New Writing, Poetry, Storytelling, Literature

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