Tourbook For Networks

Tourbook has been designed to meet the needs of network organisations working across the performing arts to enable them to showcase the services and opportunities they offer as well as promoting the the work of their members.

Tourbook Networks exist to connect groups of Tourbook accounts and to encourage collaboration and coordination between these groups. Just as they do offline, Tourbook Networks help to make connections between different people and places, to bring support and focus to a specific location, artform or theme and to affirm the professional credentials of those who work in these areas.

What kind of network organisations can use Tourbook?

Tourbook has been designed to work with the wide range of network organisations that already exist to connect and support groups of performers, promoters and venues, such as: touring schemes, artform or genre representative bodies and other performing arts support organisations.

Essentially, if you are a professional organisation that works to connect and support performers, promoters or venues within the performing arts then Tourbook has a place for you.

What benefits does Tourbook offer networks?


  • Having a presence for your professional network organisation on Tourbook demonstrates the role you play in supporting and strengthening your areas of priority in the performing arts.
  • A Network page clearly signposts the activities of your members and provides a snapshot of their roles and activities in a single location.
  • Networks links appear right across the platform via a network badge visible on pages managed by your members, helping to confirm their role, area of interest or professional status.
  • Networks can also use the Tourbook Collections to highlight specific areas of network activity such as showcasing events, awards or accreditations.


  • Other Tourbook users can discover the network and its members through the network browser or from the network badge links on each member page.
  • Networks can publish opportunities across the platform to reach those working across the performing arts.
  • Networks can be pro-active on Tourbook, finding and making contact with other performers, promoters, venues and networks.


  • Other Tourbook users can easily get in touch with the network directly using site-wide messaging.
  • Networks can also use Tourbook to communicate just with your members, to share opportunities, updates, listings or touring menus with just them.
  • Other Tourbook accounts can also submit a request to find out more about joining your network, which can help you attract new members and grow your membership.
Why should our network use Tourbook?

Tourbook Networks can be configured with the following options:

Network Page and related Network Member Pages

  • A brief profile of the activities of your network, which can be browsed or searched for in the network directory.
  • A linked list of all those on Tourbook who are members or affiliated to your network.
  • Your network badge on the pages of all the accounts linked to you, which provides a quick link to your network.
  • If your network members include venues, a map linking to all those venues connected with you.

Network Feeds and Activity

  • An activity feed and network diary showing all events published by your members across Tourbook.

Network Collections

  • Use public collections to profile the activities of your members.
  • Publish opportunities as call outs to the wider Tourbook community

Internal Communications

  • Share updates and network collections only with your members
How much does it cost to use Tourbook as a network?

It depends on how much functionality you need. Tourbook offers three levels of network: Network Free, Network Tools and Network Premium.

Network Free

If you require only a basic presence on Tourbook, with a page profiling your network, a linked list of all your members or those affiliated to you and a network badge on your member pages, then you, and your members, can use these network features on Tourbook for free.

Network Tools

If you want a more active voice as a network on Tourbook, showcasing activity across your network and publicising opportunities, Tourbook-wide, then you will need to purchase Tourbook Network Tools, which is available for a low monthly or annual subscription.

Network Premium

In addition to these features, if you want to use Tourbook to also interact with your members privately, for example, by sharing a touring menu or sending updates only to your members, you'll need to a Tourbook Premium Network subscription. Premium Networks require an annual subscription to Network Tools and all linked network accounts to be upgraded to a Tourbook Plus subscription. Premium Networks are custom designed for your needs, and linked account subscriptions are offered at a bulk discount depending on the volume you require. Premium Networks also include setup support.

What kind of network subscription do I need?

This will depend on your needs, but, broadly speaking -

If you are a touring scheme, or an artform representative body that works in a sustained and developmental way in supporting your membership then you may want to consider the enhanced functionality and flexibility of Network Premium which is designed to provide both increased visibility and administrative gains to networks.

If want an active voice to promote the activities of your network and its members, but without the closed network functionality of Premium, then Network Tools is for you. This may be a suitable option for artform representative bodies, showcasing or awards organisers.

If you are happy to just have a light presence, that makes other Tourbook users aware of who you are, what you do, and who you connect with, then a Network Free presence should be adequate. You can upgrade to an alternate plan in future if required.

How do networks ensure that their members are also on Tourbook?

Once you sign up to use Tourbook as a network, you can connect with your members already using the platform and bulk invite other members to sign up to the platform.

If you take out a Network Premium subscription, the Tourbook team will support you in getting all your members onto Tourbook and configured in the most appropriate way for their needs.

How do I sign up as a network?

Whatever plan you are interested in, the first step is to contact the Tourbook team to discuss your requirements and the options available for your network. In the first instance, please submit an enquiry with some brief details about your network and one of the team will get back to you.